Lost and Found Flash Drives (2/14/2013)
Have you ever reached into your pocket or bookbag to get that flash drive with your midterm paper that you JUST finished at the library before running to class- and it wasn't there? NOT a great feeling.

The library staff harvest several left-behind flash drives on a daily basis and we try our best to reunite them with their owners. If they're not reclaimed after several weeks, or by the end of the semester, we'll usually reformat them and add them to our loaner collection.

Here are a few tips which might help you to not lose your flash drive while you're in the library: Use the USB port that is on the top of the desk, instead of scrambling around under the table to plug it in direct to the PC. Not only is it more dignified, you're also more likely to remember the drive if you can see it when you gather your things at the end of a study session. When you get a flash drive, create a contact information file on it with your name, HFU email address and maybe a contact phone number. Call it something like readme_contactinfo.txt so library staff can look there instead of opening papers and resumes to see if there is a name or email address anywhere.

Remember that if you need a flash drive, you can buy one from the circulation desk. We usually have a small stock of new drives that we sell at cost. We can also lend you one while you're in the library if you need one to transfer files to email or for some other purpose.

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