Holy Family Refutes National Council on Teacher Quality Study (6/19/2013)
The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) issued a study on June 18, 2013, rating college and university teacher preparation programs. Holy Family University is one of hundreds of colleges and universities who elected not to participate because it is widely known that the NCTQ's data collection methods are questionable and that they take data out of context. For example, students from institutions that chose not to participate in the study were paid for course syllabi and other materials.

With regard to the rating of our elementary education program in particular, it was based on incomplete information. They only collected data for 5 out of the 13 criteria. Additionally, the five areas for which they claimed to have data were full of inaccuracies. For instance, the report claimed that the education curriculum lacks evidence of effective reading instruction when in fact education majors take three courses in reading instruction: two in the sophomore year and one at the junior level.

This highly flawed study has outraged any number of other institutions who like Holy Family University declined to participate but were included in the study anyway regardless of the fact that the NCTQ lacked sufficient and accurate information on our teacher preparation programs.

Our graduates are teaching in almost every school district in the area and are highly regarded, respected educators. Four Holy Family teachers working in the School District of Philadelphia just received the Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching (May 2013).

In response to this study, Holy Family University Provost Sister Maureen McGarrity said, “Holy Family University stands by its education programs, its faculty, and the outcomes consistently produced in our School of Education.”

All of Holy Family’s teacher preparation programs are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. To obtain approval, institutions must demonstrate that their programs are in compliance with a set of rigorous guidelines and standards. Regardless of NCTQ’s perceptions, Holy Family’s teacher education programs meet state guidelines and consistently produce teachers of high quality.

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